Detailed Monaco F1 seating information on all grandstands is contained in the Monaco Grand Prix circuit maps below. The seating on all grandstands for the 2020 Monaco F1 Grand Prix is uncovered – it is therefore highly recommended to prepare yourself, for all weather conditions e.g. sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc.

Only a limited number of grandstands (B, K, L, M, O, T and V) offer bigscreen viewing. Usually tickets for the more popular grandstands, like the V, T, P, and N Grandstands tend to sell out first for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix race weekend is unique, in that the first F1 practice sessions, take place on the Thursday instead of the Friday. No Formula One practice sessions take place on Fridays, however some sessions for the support racing categories are conducted on the Friday morning and admission to the circuit for the Friday is free.

The circuit is opened to the public on the Friday afternoon, as well as every night over the race weekend, offering a great opportunity to walk around the circuit.


Before considering the most appropriate package that best suits your 2020 F1 Monaco Grand Prix needs, it is important to consider the location and benefits of the available general admission and grandstand tickets. We suggest that you refer to the attached Grand Prix circuit map, to further assist you in making the best possible choice.


Most of the grandstands on the Monaco circuit are located in the harbour section and are easily accessible by either underground walkways, footbridges across the track or by boat (Grandstand E). There is normally a circuit map printed on the back of each official entrance ticket, which clearly indicates the most appropriate entrance gate for each grandstand on the circuit. The Monaco streets and entrance gates get very crowded on race day, so you will be well advised to get to the circuit early on Sunday.

Portable toilet facilities and fast-food stalls selling soft drinks, beer and food, are located at all grandstands and general admission areas around the circuit.

Grandstand A1 – St Dévote Square View images

This is a small grandstand opposite the Sainte Dévote Church and is located on the inside apex of the Sainte Devote Corner, a 90km/h second gear right-hander at the end of the start/finish straight. The racing cars brake down from about 270km/h for this exciting corner, which narrows substantially on entry. This means the cars are actually funnelled into the corner on the first lap, resulting in many first lap incidents and accidents.
No bigscreen TV is located at this grandstand.

Grandstands A2 And A3 – St Dévote Viaduct View images

These are both medium-sized grandstands, which are easily accessible from the railway station. Both grandstands are erected on a bridge, about 20m above the track, offering some terrific views of the Monaco Harbour! The grandstands are located on the outside of the St Devote Corner (refer to description in 1 above) and provide great overall views of St Dé vote Corner as well as some of the harbour sections and its exhilarating atmosphere.
These grandstands do not offer bigscreen TV viewing.

Grandstand B – Casino Square View images

This medium-sized grandstand is located in Monte Carlo’s mythical “Carr é d’Or” (close to the Hotel de Paris and Café de Paris) and opposite Monte Carlo’s legendary Casino. Located on the outside of the Casino Square ‘s corner exit, a 125km/h 2nd gear off camber right-hander, which falls away, making it rather tricky for the racing drivers, especially in the rain.
The grandstand features a bigscreen TV, which for obvious reasons makes your entire Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

Grandstand C – Portier Corner View images

Located after the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel and the Hotel Mirabeau on the seafront, grandstand C, with a small seating capacity, is positioned opposite the tunnel entrance. The stand is situated on the outside of the Portier Corner, a 90km/h 1st gear right-hander and a very important corner. The cars want to carry good speed through this corner leading into the tunnel, which offers one of the only real overtaking opportunities on the circuit.
No bigscreen TV is available.

Grandstand E – Nouvelle Chicane View images

Located after the tunnel exit this small to medium-sized grandstand is only accessible by sea (a free boat shuttle service is available to spectators). The cars approach this 2nd gear 80km/h chicane at around 290km/h in top gear, and their braking has to be absolutely spot-on to slow the cars down to 80km/h in about 80m! This braking area provides good opportunities for overtaking.
No bigscreen TV is available at this corner.

Z1 – Enceinte View images

The Z1 terrace offers unnumbered concrete seating, and is located just before the Tabac Corner entry, on the short straight between the Nouvelle Chicane and the Tabac Corner. The stand is one of the less expensive stands and offers good value for money viewing. You will however have to get there very early in order to secure a good viewing spot, because some areas are partly obscured by a tree line. No bigscreen TV viewing is available from this grandstand.

Grandstand K (k1 – K8) – Quai View images

Albert 1er

Accessible via a walkway, it is one of the biggest grandstands, ideally located in the Monaco Harbour. With a large seating capacity, this popular grandstand offers an unrestricted view of the harbour part of the circuit, from where the cars exit of the Nouvelle Chicane up to the first “S” of the swimming pool section, including the Tabac corner. The Tabac Corner is a 155km/h 3rd gear left-hander and on entry the drivers cannot see the corner exit – so they must have absolute faith in the car and the marshals. The K1 section of this grandstand is not available for the public on Sunday.
A massive hillside bigscreen provides you with the opportunity to follow other parts of the race.

Grandstand L – Rainier Iii Swimming Pool (piscine) View images

With a large seating capacity, this grandstand is built on the Rainier III Swimming Pool Complex and is accessed via a walkway. From its vantage point overlooking the pits, it also provides a view of the racing cars as they exit the last right / left “S” of the Swimming Pool Complex and pit area. The spectator can therefore experience the excitement of the pits at first hand, whilst being close to the racing action.
The bigscreen diagonally opposite ensures you won’t miss a second of all the other race action.

Grandstand M – Quai Albert 1er View images

Located right next to the K stands (and accessible via the same walkway). The small M grandstand is located at right angles to the track and gives the spectator a full front on view of the racing cars as they exit from the 155km/h Tabac Corner and enter into the first left / right “S” of the Swimming Pool Complex.
It has a small seating capacity and shares the massive hillside bigscreen with Grandstand K.

Grandstands N, O & P – Swimming Pool (piscine)- (n) North Side, (o) Diver And (p) South Side View images

This large grandstand, accessible via two walkways or by the boat, is also ideally situated in the center of the Monaco Harbor . It offers some good views of both the “S” kinks located in the Swimming Pool Complex. These grandstands are erected on a harbour pier, and you literally sit above the water, with water both in front and behind you.
The action and the excitement of the whole race can be followed on the bigscreen positioned directly opposite Grandstand O as well as from the massive hillside bigscreen.

Grandstands T1 – T3 – Dock (cale De Halage) View images

These main grandstands are ideally located in the Monaco Harbour . With a large seating capacity it enjoys a view of the straight section after the exit of the last right / left “S” of the Swimming Pool Complex. Its location opposite the pits, also places the spectator in the heat of the action, with a view of the mechanics at work during and after the race . Grandstand T3 is not open to the public on Sunday.
The bigscreen opposite this grandstand intensifies the drama and magnifies the racing action on other parts of the circuit.

Grandstand V – Anthony (noghès Corner) View images

This small grandstand is positioned on the outside corner entry of the last corner the Anthony Noghès Corner, a 80km/h 2nd gear right-hander leading into the start/ finish straight. Located opposite the pit entrance, it is the grandstand closest to the actual circuit surface, and also offers fans a privileged view of the start and pre-race buildup, as well as of drivers walking up from the F1 paddock. A very popular corner with spectators and very often the first grandstand to sell out.
A bigscreen is located on this corner, which makes your grand prix experience so much more enjoyable.

Grandstand tickets do not give admission to the Rocher General Admission area.


In general, the Rocher General Admission area, provide for good viewing and can offer good value for money admission. The area offers some stunning views of the harbour area and it is possible to see sections the circuit from the Swimming Pool complex right up to the Noghès Corner – provided you can secure to a good viewing spot. But as always there are no seats and you must be there early to get a good spot. The area is located on a very steep rocky slope, but some of the walkways do offer more comfortable viewing. Usually camping chairs are however chained days in advance onto the walkway railings in order to secure these prime viewing spots.

The bigscreen located in front of grandstand V is visible from certain areas, although fairly distant. You definitely require binoculars and some sort of fold-up chairs – not recommended for the fainthearted!


For more detailed information on all the F1 Grand Prix racing programs and more specifically for the 2020 F1 Monaco Grand Prix event program, please visit the Monaco circuit information race programme page.


Monaco F1 circuit and grandstand map.

Monaco F1 circuit and grandstand map. (click to enlarge)