United States Grandstand Tickets And Grand Prix Circuit map


The Circuit of the Americas is a spectacular and modern circuit located in Wandering Creek southeast of Austin, Texas. Detailed seating information on most of the grandstands is set out in the circuit map below. The Circuit of the Americas offers one partially covered grandstand (Main), so all the rest are uncovered – it is therefore highly recommended to prepare yourself for all weather conditions e.g. sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc.

The grandstands and general admission areas provide seating for more than 120,000 fans to Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

There are sufficient toilets and catering facilities all around the circuit. There is ample opportunity to buy merchandise, with numerous stalls inside the circuit and more specifically at the F1 Village.


Before considering the most appropriate package that best suits your 2019 United States Grand Prix needs, it is important to consider the location and benefits of the available grandstand and general admission tickets. We suggest that you refer to the attached circuit map, to further assist you in making the best possible choice.


Main Grandstand (partly covered)

The Main Grandstand is located on the Pits Straight opposite the start/finish line and opposite most of the team pitboxes. It presents you with an excellent view of the cars as they exit the last corner, the whole Pits Straight, including the build-up to and the start of the race, the chequered flag at the race end, as well as a view of some of the racing teams and their pit activities. Certain sections of the main grandstand is also situated opposite the podium, offering you great views of the podium celebrations after the race.

Turn 1 Grandstand (uncovered)

From the start line, the circuit climbs sharply (nearly 40 meters) to turn 1 an estimated 110 kph lefthander, after which it drops down to Turn 2. This sharp elevation will facilitate extraordinary late breaking and should provide from some fantastic overtaking manoeuvers during the race. The stand will provide you with great views of the main straight, Turn 1 and Turn 2 as well as some distant views of Turns 17, 18 and 19.

Turn 6 Grandstand (uncovered)

This uncovered stand will provided you with views of a difficult, challenging and never ending combination of corners – Turns 6, 7, 8 & 9, with some distant views of the long Back Straight, the fastest section of the circuit.

Turn 15 Grandstand (uncovered)

The Turn 15 Grandstand will offer you great panoramic views of large sections of the circuit. including great views of the “stadium section” consisting of turns 12, 13, 14 & 15. You will also have distant views of the back straight as well as Turns 6 -11. Turn 12 at the end of the long Back Straight should provide for some exciting overtaking opportunities.


The F1 Village is located in the Grand Plaza area, where fan merchandise will be on sale within this area, as well as some interesting displays from the tire manufacturers and other F1 related suppliers. It features pleasant paved areas, with a variety of mobile food and drink units.

Food and beverage with numerous mobile catering units positioned around the circuit, a vast range of food and drink is on offer to the race-goers.


For more detailed information on the racing program and timetable for the 2019 F1 United States Grand Prix please click here.


USA F1 Circuit and Grandstand map

USA F1 Circuit and Grandstand map (click to enlarge)